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The Princess

January 5, 2012

I think I got my answer to my little dilemma from yesterday.  Stay up and workout and get less sleep vs go to bed and not do a workout– I did the latter and I felt so guilty and awful this morning for yet again not making myself a priority!  So today I decided to make sure I got it in early, while my husband was home and awake!  He works twelve-hour night shifts, so he’s usually sleeping all day.  I left the kids with him and headed over to my mom’s for another treadmill run.  Since last time I was feeling no-bueno, I decided to take it a little easier today.  I chose the 40-minute “Cannon Run” that was pre-set on the treadmill.  It gradually increased in incline and speed, then decreased back down.  My heart rate stayed in my zone, not getting anywhere near the 190’s today.  I was sweating like crazy but I didn’t feel like I worked very hard.  Every workout I’ve done lately has me either shaking or gasping for air from being out of breath so this was quite the change of pace.  Instead of feeling tired and sore all day I felt energized and refreshed.  It was kind of nice. 

It was another pretty uneventful day with the kids.  There was a moment where I had the baby in my arms sleeping and my daughter leaned up beside me, also sleeping. I love the precious moments like that when they’re just so sweet and innocent and want nothing more than to cuddle up with mommy 🙂  Of course, that didn’t last long and my daughter woke up and immediately started demanding food.  Gotta love her.  Since she was an infant, she’s known exactly what she wanted and how she wanted it and she does not give up until she gets it!  (this is her yesterday, giving me that FEED ME look)


She’s still awake at 10:30 and running at full steam.  Bedtime has been SUCH an issue around here!  I’ve taken her back to her room no less than 20 times so far tonight. My little princess is definitely the most challenging of the three.  She’s the one I cannot take ANYWHERE for fear she’ll have one of her supersize meltdowns or she’ll see something sparkly and just *have* to touch it or she’ll run away from me just for kicks.  I can definitely understand this article about working moms being healthier.  Being a stay-at-home parent is SO emotionally draining.  I can’t tell you the last time I got to go to the bathroom by myself, have a real adult conversation, or just take a nap when I was tired.  I don’t get any breaks and I don’t get any thanks from anybody.  But I get to experience them and watch their budding personalities grow and just spend time with them without feeling rushed like I did when I was working full-time.  Raising the Princess will definitely be the most challenging thing for the next 18 years.   


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