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A Day in the Life

January 10, 2012

Of me. 

Midnight- Finally become blissfully asleep

2:00 am- Dream of a crying baby.  Oh, wait… Trudge up the stairs, being careful not to fall up them in this stage of half-asleepness.  Sit it rocking chair while feeding baby, possibly dozing off at some point, then use my mommy ninja skills to put full sleeping baby back in crib.  Tip-toe down the stairs, collapse back into bed and toss and turn for 15 minutes before really being asleep.

3:30 am- Crying baby again.  Go back upstairs, feed baby.  Close eyes “just for a few extra seconds” and wake up, looking at a sleepy, but not asleep baby.  Am SO tired at this point, bring baby into bed with me and nurse him til we are both asleep.

5:30am- Hear baby grunting and turning his head toward me with a big, open mouth.  Switch sides so he can feed on the other side, then think to myself, I hope I still have a few hours before my alarm goes off, then doze back off.

6:00- alarm goes off.  Right when I was starting to dream.  Shitfuckdamn.  I want to hit snooze, but I also want to get a cup of coffee in me before the kiddos wake up, demanding food and cartoons.  Reluctantly try to get out of bed as quickly and quietly as possible, though is quite possibly very loud and ungraceful.  Head to the bathroom.

6:15- just got the coffee started and turned on the local news to get a glimpse of the day’s headlines and weather, when I hear the Princess sliding down the stairs, followed by “Good morning mommy!  I WANNA EAT!”  Close my eyes and grimace and curse to myself before putting on a smile and asking her what she’s like to eat.  She’s the loudest of the three, and has the power to wake the other two up in .02 seconds.

6:45- Serve Riley her breakfast, pour myself a cup of hot, delicious coffee.  Don’t even get a sip in (or get to see the forecast) before I hear “I wanna watch Dora.”  Since I could not use my super-speed to get to the remote fast enough, she loudly demands it again.  Now, I’m not one to let my kids walk all over me, but when the baby is still sleeping, she gets her way.  Never say never, folks.

7:00- wake up my son, who needs to be at school by 8.  Get him his clothes, tell him to get dressed and his breakfast is on the table.  Go and pour second cup of coffee, but cannot take a sip before the Princess decides she wants to go to her closet and pick out a dress to wear.  After telling her (again) she cannot wear her fancy dress or a princess costume, she picks a dress.

7:30- start getting ready to go out the door.  I don’t actually need to leave the house for another 20 minutes, but if we don’t start getting ready now, we won’t make it.  My rumbling stomach reminds me  I never did eat breakfast, but I have to get shoes and socksand coats on the kids and they have to keep them on.  Take a swig of my now-room temperature coffee, and realize I am still in my pj’s.  Go into my room to change and I see the little guy, wide awake and smiling at me.  Ohhh, Schnooks!  I feed him, change him, then I throw on the nearest pair of jeans and put a bra under my tank top along with some slip-on shoes.  By this time, it’s 7:50.  I go to check on the other two, and if I’m lucky, their shoes will still be on. 

7:50- get Schnooks in his carseat, throw on a coat and grap the keys and tell the kids to go to the car. 

7:58- Drop off Peter at school.  Feel instantly relieved.  Well, a little relieved.

8:00-9:00- on the floor, playing with the kids.  Start feeling REALLY hungry and run to the kitchen for a quick bite, and the Princess follows me, demanding more food.  Schnooks starts to cry.  I guzzle down the rest of my cold coffee and search the fridge for any ready-to-eat foods.  Slice of cheese and cold leftover ham.  Works for me.  Play with Schnooks til he is drowsy, then feed him and lay him down for a nap.

9:30- Husband comes home, we briefly talk about his night and my morning.  Quickly change into workout clothes and get a quick 20-minute workout in while the Princess is with Daddy. Get ready for a shower, but not alone.  Princess is right there, talking to me and telling me that she wants to take a bath.  She starts singing to me, quite loudly, waking up the baby.  I take a 90 second shower and quickly get dressed, get baby, comfort baby.  Princess has not left my side this whole time.  Husband is now in bed, asleep for the next several hours.

11:00- Peter is picked up from school.  Relief is gone.  Sweet Princess turns into psycho Princess.  Spend the next two hours keeping them from fighting.  Over crayons, their seats at the table, who gets what color plate, who likes the color green more, etc.  Try in vain to get Schnooks to sleep and look around at my house, which is now a complete disaster.  I check Pinterest on my phone while nursing and find some awesome DIY projects I’d like to attempt, in my *free time.* 

3:00- Princess falls asleep on the couch after having a melt-down.  Peter asks me to read to him, and we read for a while and then Schnooks is sleepy, and I lay him down.  Excited for my window of productivity, I immediately start to pick up the day’s disaster and start prepping dinner.  As soon as I finish, I go to check emails/Facebook but I hear Schnooks waking up and I must go get him before he wakes up Princess.  Have to try and keep the kids quiet while Daddy is sleeping all day. 

4:30- start cooking dinner, pack Husband’s lunch for work.  Move baby from walker to floor to swing to keep him happy while I’m not holding him.  Tell the kids “NO” when they ask me 3294873 times for a snack while I’m cooking dinner.

5:00- Wake up husband, clean up crayons and markers and 50 pages of super-heroes colored on construction paper (again) so we can have dinner. 

6:00- clean up dinner mess, tell Husband goodbye, and hear him drive away feeling both sad that he misses a lot of time with the kids and jealous for the same reason.  Usually watch some more cartoons and watch Peter run around and jump like he’s Superman/Spiderman/whoever he is that day.  He chases Princess around the house while I entertain and feed Schnooks. 

7:00- cell phone alarm goes off, which means it’s time to start get ready for bed.  Am the bad guy right now, with two “I don’t wanna’s!” but nonetheless, get them in pj’s and get teeth brushed.  Read a story to each of them, and exchange good-night hugs and kisses.  Come back downstairs with the baby, who despite not napping much during the day, is still wide awake and very clingy.  Get him changed into a sleeper and feed him again, hoping that *this* time he’ll doze off.

8:30- it’s *this* time.  Once again using my ninja skills, lay him in his crib, not moving his little blanket covering up most of his face.  It’s the only way he’ll sleep.  Start a load of laundry, then spend 30 minutes online, just doing whatever, zoning out and taking a little break from my day.  Then it’s time to once again pick up the house and do the dishes from dinner.  I’d like to find something good on tv, but I remember I need to switch over the laundry and put away clothes in the dryer. 

9:30- I am feeling pretty tired.  I get my teeth brushed, face washed, softlips on, and get all nice and cozy and comfy in bed. 

9:45- Schnooks starts crying.  Scream WHY, WHY?! in my head and go upstairs.  He’s lost his pacifier, and I put it in his mouth with hopes that’s all he needs.  I stand by his crib for 5 minutes to make sure he’s really asleep.  Just as I’m starting to go downstairs, pacifier comes out again. This time I take him out and it’s back to the rocking chair to eat.  He eats til he falls asleep, and I gently put him back down and go back to my room.

10:30- I’m more awake now than I was 45 minutes ago.  I look at Facebook again, to pass the time, wishing I was reading a good book instead.

11:00- Finally sleepy enough to really get comfortable and fall asleep. 

Welcome to my crazy busy, sleep-deprived world.

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