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Lessons Learned

January 15, 2012

Something about the first chill of the fall just makes me want to throw down in the kitchen.  Some nice good home-cookin’ and not the healthy kind, either.  Potato soup, apple crisp, cookies, muffins, breads; you name it, I’m baking it!  My love of comfort foods sure added to the 40+ lbs I gained during my third pregnancy.  I still get the urge to bake when it’s cold outside, and being the impulsive person I am, I baked some chocolate chip cookies on the first snowfall on Thursday.  The yummy Tollhouse kind.  I think I ate maybe 7 or 8 that day 😦  Feeling extra guilty, I put all remaining cookies in a container and stuck it in the freezer.  Out of sight out of mind, right? 

Wrong.  Whenever I have something delicious in the house (read: full of sugar and/or chocolate) it is ALL I CAN THINK ABOUT.  I thought about sending the cookies with my husband to work, which I’ve done many times in the past and I’m sure his coworkers are all appreciative.  But the devil on my shoulder told me to keep them, to test my willpower and to give myself the occasional treat.  Folks, those cookies are now all gone.  And my stomach feels all yucky and upset 😦 

No more baking for Tangy.  No more, no more, no more!  Something that has helped me in the past when I got the overwhelming urge to bake cookies is to have a bowl of “dessert” oatmeal.  Basically, a bowl of oats with peanut butter and dark chocolate chips.  Totally delicious and portion-controlled!  Plus way less sugar and no white flour .

I did a short, 8 minute crossfit workout this morning that was very energizing!    It consisted of :

7  rounds- 7x burpees, 7x sit-ups, 7x jumping jacks.  I did it in 8:19.  I feel like that was such a short workout, and while I was breathing heavy, it was not super-intense, so I’m off to complete something else.  I’d love to do my Jari Love strength training dvd tonight while I can actually get an hour to myself, even if it means staying up past midnight.  I always feel like I get such a great workout with her dvds!  Good night!

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