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Case of the Mondays!

January 24, 2012


I’ve felt so overwhelmed today and it’s only Monday!  Good news, I’m officially 20 lbs down from the day after I had Callen.  I’m not as excited as I have been in the past about that number, but glad to know all of my hard work is paying off.  I still wouldn’t say I’m giving 100%, more like 75% right now, given my limited food budget and extremely hectic life right now!  I have until the end of August to get my upper body and abs in awesome shape so I can look good in this:

I’m a bit of an apple-shaped girl, always losing from my thighs and hips before I lose a single inch around my waist.  It will be a challenge to look good but I’m feeling pretty confident about what I can do 🙂  I’ll be one of nine bridesmaids and I’ll be damned if I look like the one who has 3 kids!

I’m not really feeling extra chatty today and I have a nutrition book to read so I’m off to bed! 




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