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Thoughts on Body Image

January 26, 2012

I’ve never been too comfortable with my body.  I’ve never looked into the mirror and thought, “wow, I look fantastic.”  I have my days where I think I look better than average, like an 8 out of 10 for how good I could possibly look

(I think a 10/10 would require a whole team of professionals–hair, makeup, wardrobe, lighting, trainer, etc.)

And I have my days where I feel like a total fatass or like Queen Frump.  Sorry, no pic of those days! 

But for the most part, I get what I put in.  When I put in the effort, I get better results.  Especially when it comes to diet and exercise.  And by diet, I mean, the collection of foods that I eat over a large expanse of time, not a crash diet or fad diet that has a start and end date.  When I am working hard, it always shows.  I get muscle definition almost instantly in my legs and I lose inches from all over.  I consider myself a work-in-progress, and that’s okay.  I have to work up to my goals at my own pace, or else I will become discouraged and I have to know what all I am capable of in my current life situation. 

I have become increasingly disturbed about how we women always want to bring each other down.  Especially when it comes to body type.  I have probably been guilty of this at some point in my life.  Before I realized how much work it takes to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, I was critical of others.  I hated on skinny girls and always assumed that they were like my sisters, naturally thin without putting in any time at the gym and without ever analyzing what goes into their mouths.  Now I know that the naturally thin are the exception to the rule, they are not the rule.  Most people with great bodies work damn hard to get there. 

bodyrock.  Zusanna is HOT!  and gives killer free workouts:)

#love it--my dream body!

working to look like this

When I see these bodies, I think “beautiful.”  Strong, sexy, confident, hard-working women.  Yet so many other women say things like “ew that’s too thin” or “she looks like a man” or “she is too obsessed with her looks.”  I don’t understand the negativity.  It is not easy to look like this, and it does not happen by accident.  A fitness regime and a strict diet (using my previous definition again) must be followed diligently. 

This is my idea of too thin and unhealthy

Not this

Image Detail

I think women of many body types are beautiful.

I wish we could all encourage and motivate instead of criticize, admire instead of put down.  Maybe this

isn’t my idea of my dream body, but it is for her.  And she deserves praise for it.  She worked extremely hard to get to that point.  Looking like this

is easy.  Yet why is it more socially acceptable to criticize all of the previous pictures than this one?  Food for thought.

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