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I Didn’t Watch the Superbowl

February 7, 2012

Yes, you read that correctly…no football for this girl.  Football is just one of those things I cannot get into.  I have tried before but I cannot sit still for that long and if I do ever happen to have a few free hours on the weekend, watching anything on TV is never what I end up doing!  My family is all big Chicago fans and we all know how well those teams do every year 😉

Besides not watching the Superbowl, I had a pretty busy weekend!  My husband just sold some car parts on Craigslist, giving us a little extra dough!  Peter was spending the night at my mom’s on Saturday, so we packed up the other two kids and headed to Peoria.  We went to Target, Gordmans, the mall, Kohls, and the new Bass Pro Shop.  Here’s Riley checking out a fish as big as she is!

I was pretty “mehhh” about that whole experience.  I’m not into fishing or hunting so I likened my experience to the one Pete would have if I took him to Sephora or Ulta–totally my thing, but not his. 

I am also so, so, so excited to say, that after 2 years of drooling over this, and thinking about it, and wishing I had a little extra cash, that I finally ordered Lauren Brooks’ Kettlebell Volume One dvd!!  I have heard nothing but totally amazing and awesome things about both Lauren and kettlebells!  It has been a long time since I’ve felt truly excited to try a new fitness venture, and I really cannot wait to get it in the mail.  I bought a 15 lb kettlebell to go with it, just a cheap one from Walmart because I don’t think I will be using the 15 for long 🙂  Good to start a little light though so I can get my form down correctly, which I hear she does a great job doing in the dvd. 

Did I mention that I’m just a little bit excited?!?!  Is there anything you’ve been wanting to buy for a long time?

Other things on my mile-long wish list page include new running shoes, new shoes, accessories, a new blow dryer, new makeup, new clothes, a few hair products, a freezer full of organic hormone-free grassfed beef, a food processor, and a Kitchen Aid stand mixer, the holy grail of all mixers.  I need a new occupation, you know, like one that actually makes money! 😉



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  1. February 7, 2012 3:59 am

    I didnt watch the Superbowl either. I have NO desire to sit and watch football. It sounds like you had a pretty busy Sunday. 😀

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