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Life these days

April 3, 2012

Sorry I have been a little MIA.  Okay, downright neglectful.  But let me explain.

First of all, having three rugrats all age 5 and under is HARD.  Each child has their unique challenges.  Peter is moody and active and has been trying to get bit by a spider so he can become Spiderman.  For real.

Riley has been my nemesis as of late.  Getting into my makeup, using all of my shampoo, squirting all of my conditioner down the drain, lubing herself up with half a tub of Vasoline, mixing the last of my moisturizer with water and then getting all slicked up with that concoction…and that was just in the past two hours.  I’m having a little adult beverage right now, and yes, I am totally blaming her.

Callen is still waking up every two hours to eat throughout the night.  I’ve tried everything.  I’ve tried loading him up with cereal.  I’ve tried giving him (gasp!) formula.  I’ve tried loading him up with formula and cereal.  Nothing is working.  Throughout the day, he is the most demanding baby I’ve ever had.  And now he’s crawling all over the place and getting into things and he finds every little rock and crumb on the floor and proceeds to put them all into his mouth.  The lack of sleep has really been getting to me.  I’m impatient, irrational, impulsive, and I have almost no motivation left.  Almost.  I still have a love of fitness and eating well in my heart and I am absolutely sick of feeling miserable night after night.  I just have to get the momentum started again.

I’m ashamed to admit I have completely un-done whatever progress I had so far.  I have been letting the stress of the kids get to me too much, and then life has also been downright crazy.

All through February and the beginning part of March, I was nuggling a full-time load of classes.  Then one day in March, life somehow took a complete 180. 

My husband was offered a job.  Not just any job, but THE JOB he has been waiting to get since he was 4 years old.  His dream job. I do not know anyone else who has wanted to do the same thing for so long and I’ve never seen my husband so happy.  He put in his notice at his former job right away, and used up all of his vacation days to finish up things around the house that needed to be done before his big career move. The job is 90 minutes away from where we currently live, so that means a big move!  We currently rent so luckily we don’t have the stress of trying to sell our house but we did decide (along with our bank lol) that we are going to buy a house!  We only looked at four houses in person (but looked online for hours) and we knew almost right away when we found the right one.  I cannot believe we are about to become homeowners. I didn’t see that happening at all two short months ago, but crazy how things can change!  My husband is now in the process of a 13-week grueling training program and after that, we can start our new life together 🙂  So excited for a change! 

So that’s what has been happening, in a nutshell.  I need to get moving again and really work on my eating, as I’ve been turning to food again when I’ve felt stressed or unhappy or happy or excited, and it is really showing on the scale so it’s time to stop it before it gets out of control!  I would like to start posting more again to keep myself accountable.  I’m definitely perfect and I’m not Supermom but there is definitely room for improvement!!  I took a picture with my husband last Thursday–I’d like to see a visible change the next time I take a picture with him, at the end of June! 

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  1. April 3, 2012 5:43 pm

    Congrats on the New Job! Are you moving farther or closer to Bloomington Normal?

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