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Fitness Journal

January 2- treadmill workout: 2.5 mile run @ 9;40 pace; 5 min at 3 speed @ 10 incline; 1.5 mile run @ 10:50 pace Felt hard, burned 500 cal

January 4- treadmill “canyon run” 40 min of alternating speed and incline.  Felt easy, burned 445 cal

January 5- Ab Ripper X; wod 12x burpees, 12x pullups, repeat 10x  Did only 6 pullups on rounds 5-10, took 35 min for crossfit and 15 for abs.  Felt like I worked really hard tonight.  Burned 385 cal during xfit.

January 6- 40 minute canyon run, making each segment a little faster this time.  Felt harder than last time.  Burned 450 cal.

January 7- 2 On-Demand workouts- 7 min shoulders, 9 min glutes

January 8- 1 mile jog to track.  .25 mi walk; .25 mi jog; 1 mile jog/sprint intervals; .5 mi recovery walk; 1 mile jog home.  Burned 500 cal

January 9- Max rounds in 20 min- 5x pullups, 10x pushups, 15x squats.  I got 11 rounds.

January 10- 2 mile time trial. Time- 19.0 min

January 11- 13 off, recovering from stupid clutzy knee injury

January 14- WOD  7 rounds: 7x burpees, 7x sit-ups, 7x jumping jacks.  my time- 8:19; Jari Love Slim and Lean (60 min strength training dvd with light weight–8 & 10 lbs–and very high reps).  Weighed in tonight less than last time I weighed but I’m not taking an “official” weight til progress pic time in February.

January 15- off

January 16- 4 rounds of 10 pullups, 12 burpees; first 30 min of Jari Love’s Ripped to the Core

January 17- TM workout : 2 miles @ 6.6 speed, 1.5 incline; .5 miles @ 3.2 speed, 10 incline; 2 miles @ 5.5 speed, 1 incline.

January 18- Max rounds in 20 minutes
5x burpees, 10x push-ups, 15x sit-ups, 20x squats. I did 8 rounds and alternated my sit-ups with ab ripper moves

January 19- off

January 20- Jari Love Get Ripped 1000

January 21- TM workout: 4 miles at my easy (10:54) pace.  5.5 on the treadmill.

January 22- Max rounds in 20 min: 15x squats, 10x pushups, 5x pullups. I did 10 rounds. I used 10 lb dumbells for my squats and alternated regular squats with shoulder presses and wide squats with bicep curls and also alternated my pull-up grip each time.

January 23- 1 mile @ 10 min pace, then 2 minutes of 7:30 pace. Then 20 minutes of a preset, various speeds and inclines, and I kept making it go faster and increasing the incline. Then 1 mile @ 8:30 pace to finish up. Burned 580 cal.

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